Teaching Program I-III

Teaching Program I-III

Our school is not only lessons – we implement a coherent educational, didactic and organizational concept, including lessons, extracurricular activities, volunteering, activities inspired by students and free time spent in the school club enables the harmonious, balanced and comprehensive development of students.

The main focus of education at BC Primary School is a gentle introduction for children to the world of knowledge, and the staff’s priority – individual support of the child in intellectual, emotional, social, ethical, physical and aesthetic development.

Our educational system assumes such interactions that the child, as far as possible, is prepared to live in harmony with himself, people and nature. We make sure that they learn to distinguish good from evil, are aware of their social affiliation (to the family, peer group and national community) and that they understand the need to care for nature.

At the same time, we strive to shape the system of knowledge and skills needed by young people to explore and understand the world, to cope with everyday situations and to continue their education in grades IV – VIII of primary school.

It is very important for us to discover the strengths of our pupils, develop their talents and create appropriate conditions for this.

In grades 1-3, a program is implemented that is best suited to the diverse possibilities and educational abilities of students. It allows you to start education at the moment when the child is currently with his knowledge and personal understanding of the world. The implementation of the program assumes the use of methods ensuring the pupils the right proportions between static activities (at the desk) and acquiring skills through different types of activity.
The mentioned program includes teaching content in the field of: Polish language, mathematics, science, social, music, art, health and physical education, computer and technical classes.

The curriculum in grades 1-3 includes the following classes:

  • early school education in the field of Polish, mathematical, natural, social, technical, and health education; carried out using a variety of methods and tools;
  • extended scope of learning English – 10 hours, including two hours of Maths and Science;
  • Forest school original field science program
  • social skills workshops;
  • reading education – meetings with a book;
  • integration workshops for class I;
  • positive discipline
  • competences of the future
  • physical education (extended program)
  • plasticity;
  • music;
  • information technology;
  • class projects;
  • school events and celebrations;
  • meetings with art and science;
  • educational trips (for additional payment);
  • integration trips – Green School, White School (for additional payment).
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