English Language Teaching Program

English Language Program

English language classes are conducted on the basis of the original English language teaching program

With the aim of preparing our students for bilingualism:

  • we are introducing subject teaching in English from the first grade. We use Cambridge Primary Science and Mathematics and Macmillan Science and Mathematics science materials to bridge the gap between standard science and math as a separate subject and CLIL. In the field of cultural and literary education, CLIL is implemented on the basis of materials prepared by our teachers.
  • in grades I-III we support children in learning to read and write using the synthetic phonics method. We use the materials of the Usborne publishing house and Oxford Floppy’s Phonics Sounds and Letters as well as many own materials prepared by English teachers.
  • in grades I-VIII we conduct storytelling classes based on the classics of children’s literature. Younger students will get to know Paddington Bear, the unruly Goldilocks, Winnie the Witch and many of the heroes of Julia Donaldson’s best-selling books. Based on cultural texts, older students create their own versions using various media, such as theatrical forms or multimedia tools, and process popular texts by means of parody or travesty.
  • The teachers work with students using the language immersion method. Its essence is “immersing” the child in a foreign language, developing the skills of listening comprehension, speaking and introducing a wide range of vocabulary. In practice, this means that teachers communicate with students only in English during school breaks, extracurricular activities and excursions.

Additional classes in English are also available to interested students during the after-school hours. We invite you to afternoon meetings with a book or artistic handicraft workshops conducted in English.

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