Our Vision

School vision

Our school:

  • is a modern, friendly and safe institution, open to the needs of children;
  • creates conditions for the individual development of a child;
  • develops the creative potential, interests, passions and abilities of pupils;
  • introduces children to the world of universal values ​​and ethical norms;
  • teaches courage in expressing one’s own views and tolerance for the views of other people;
  • builds a sense of belonging to the school community based on mutual respect and friendship;
  • cares for the highest quality of upbringing and education;
  • prefers acquiring knowledge and skills through action and experience; (neurodidactics)
  • implements and improves innovative methods and forms of work with children;
  • systematically monitors and diagnoses students’ achievements;
  • supports the process of maturing to adulthood and responsibility;
  • effectively prepares children to start learning at the next stages of education.
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