“Children who start learning a foreign language at a very early age can better understand their mother tongue as they become aware of the language as such.” – Renzo Titone


Bright Child kindergarten provides Polish-English education at the highest level.

Our main goal is to introduce children to the world of English in a natural way, so that it becomes a part of their everyday life from an early age. English is not an additional lesson with us – children learn new content and issues covered by the core curriculum simultaneously in two languages. Scientific research shows that very early contact of children with a second language develops the vocabulary in both languages ​​in parallel, has a positive effect on the ability to concentrate, has a profound effect on the development of the brain and improves

cognitive skills not directly related to speech. Bilingual education is a recognized norm in many countries, but in Poland it is still relatively unpopular.

We believe that languages ​​open the door to friendship, knowledge and the world. Children learn a foreign language in an easy and fun way. Early initiation of foreign language learning creates a positive attitude in children towards other cultures and languages, and forms the basis for later experiences in this field. Through games, play and appropriately selected teaching aids, children start to recognize and respond to messages in a foreign language surprisingly quickly.

For those willing, we also organise additional Spanish lessons

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