Kindergarten entry fee – PLN 1400

It is a non-returnable fee charged once when the child is enrolled, paid by bank transfer to the kindergarten’s account or directly in cash on the day of signing the contract.

Tuition fees per month

1400 PLN, bilingual class
1900 PLN, English-speaking class (full immersion)

It is paid in advance by bank transfer to the kindergarten’s bank account or directly in the kindergarten by the fifth day of each month.

Daily nutritional rate – PLN 18

Includes: breakfast, snack, lunch and afternoon tea. Paid together with the tuition fee.


The fee for additional classes is agreed with the parents depending on the choice of classes and the number of participants.

Additional fees:

Special visits, trips outside the kindergarten: to the cinema, theatre, museum, zoo, etc.

Account number: Bright Child Alior Bank Kindergarten 43249000050000450084441693

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