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About us

Bright Child’s English-speaking kindergartens are modern and innovative institutions. We draw on the experience of the best kindergartens in Great Britain.

We are located in the beautiful Garden Residence complex in the dynamically developing Zabłocie district and in the modern Osiedle Fi in Stary Podgórze. Both facilities have large and safe playgrounds. We offer top-class care and bilingual education.

We provide a caring and individual approach to the needs of each child.

We have high-quality natural educational toys.

What makes us special?


Activation of hidden talents

Getting to know the world and other cultures

English language as a path to more efficient development of a child

Movement and fresh air for body and mind

Tasty meals for your well-being

The newest achievements of psychology

Only top-class staff

Inspirational decor

Online journal

Internet monitoring

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